A summer around Francon - mural painting workshop *REPEAT

Vivre St-Michel en Santé

Performance art July 7, 2017 / 5 to 7 pm Parc Sandro-Pertini

During this workshop, young people will be able to learn how to use can paint. They will have the opportunity to learn the techniques of lettering and drawing for the making of a work of mural art. This workshop will also be an opportunity to work on the representation of Francon career development ideas. Indeed, this activity is part of a process of collecting the data necessary for the realization of a mural on the Francon quarry at the Louis-Joseph Papineau polyvalent school by Fluke, artist of the urban art collective A'Shop . This work will be inaugurated at the end of August. The mural project and the preparatory activities are supported by the City of Montreal's Mural Art Program.

The workshop and discussions will help mobilize participants and invite them to participate in the Francon Mobility Forum on Mobility, Disenchantment and Careers to be held in the fall of 2017.


Parc Sandro-Pertini