The Halte 3 Project’s General and Artistic Management
Joanie Roy, General Manager of La Cenne
Mathieu Riendeau, Assistant General and Artistic Manager of Coop les ViVaces

Production Management
Vanessa Lemercier – Production Manager
Richard Piquet – Consultant to the Technical Management

Oliver Duchesnau – General Support

Chilandre Patry (Kedara Communications) – Communications Director
Anaïs Gachet – Communications Assistant, Coop les ViVaces

Catherine St-Arnaud – Communications and Events Assistant

villeray station

Véronique Lamarre-Tremblay – Coop les ViVaces
Luc Fortin – Coop les ViVaces
Andréa Cohen – Coop les ViVaces
Zaël Thisdel – Guest Artist

saint-michel station

Andréa Cohen – Coop les ViVaces

Christophe Garoscio-Cikada creations

Parc-Extension station

Laurent McComber – Architecture Vivante : conception

Atelier Gris : execution

Simon Paradis et Françoise Issaly : poem selection and application

We’d like to than the Hub Studio team for their contributions to the design of the Villeray station.

A special thank-you to all the poets and their publishers, who graciously allowed us the use of their work: Robin Aubert, Gérald Godin, Nyla Matuk, Hélène Monette, Pierre Nepveu, Chava Rosenfarb, Tayla Rubin, Rodney Saint-Éloi, Chloé Savoie-Bernard, Carmine Starnino, and Josée Yvon.